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Letter to My Readers

My Dear Reader,

Thank you for taking an interest in my humble (internet) abode. Let me give you a background of how I got here, I'll try my very best to keep it short. I first left my hometown less than a year ago to live on my own in the busy city of Bangkok. I was 21 and until then I was raised quite sheltered compared to most people. 

My very first few months in the adult world were a mix of adventure, excitement, homesickness and a lot of missteps. At first, all I really wanted to do was fit in with my contemporaries. I was a quincentennial millennial for about six months, my wardrobe consisted of a lot of basic b*tch (excuse my french) closet staples and my vanity was filled with ultra dark makeup. I went out almost every night, filling my social life with nothing but booze and blur. It took one nightmarish night that turned out to be the wakeup call that I needed to make me realize what I was doing to myself and just how... not me, it all was. 

It got me thinking about the old fashioned upbringing of my grandmother, looking at her generation filled me with longing. Women of the past radiated charm and sophistication, they never revealed too much and proved that less was indeed more. 

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